The students at St. Andrew School are exposed to a number of exciting educational and social opportunities. There are many events that involve students’ families including holiday luncheons, a Christmas play, the Science Fair, Book Fairs, Oktoberfest, Field Day, and more. Each year, the Kindergarten class gets to watch baby chicks hatch, the fourth grade students are able to participate in a 6-week swimming program at the local YMCA, and the sixth grade students go on an archaelogical dig. Field trips include visits to Renfrew Museum and the Maryland Theater.

There are many chances for the older students to help out with the younger students as Prayer Buddies and Reading Buddies, which not only develops character but also lends to the nurturing, supportive environment that is being fostered within the school’s walls. Students learn to be involved with things in the community like local food drives and raising money participating in/hosting events like Judy’s Challenge. Students’ leadership skills are developed with such things as the Safety Patrol Program for grades 4-6 and the Student Council, with representatives from each grade level and sixth grade officers. Parents generously lead the after school Extra-Curricular programs to enrich the students’ exposure to new languages, sports, and activities.

The goal is to ensure the “student life” at St. Andrew School is memorable, full of rich and rewarding experiences.