Thank you, thank you, thank you

We have so many people to thank for the success of our kidZone event this year! Thank you to all of our parents, relatives, and friends who supported us by working at and/or coming to this year’s kidZone at Market Day 2016. Thank you to the parishioners of St. Andrew Catholic Church for donating gift cards! Thank you to CFAR and our volunteers and runners who participated in the Market Day Fun Run! Thank you to Mainstreet Waynesboro, Inc. for your support and to F&M Trust for allowing us to use your lawn.

Thank you to the following local clubs and businesses who generously donated to our event: American Legion, The Eagles Club, Sander’s Market, Martin’s Famous Pastry, Frank’s Pizza, The Beer Shed, and Kline’s. We are so grateful for your support! Special thanks to Mason Dixon BBQ for providing the grill and to Thompson Gas for providing the propane.¬†Thanks to Theresa and Keith McCleaf for donating potatoes for our fabulous homemade fries! A special shout out to the Blue Ridge Fire Department for the donation of the Rock Wall and to Bobby Bingaman, Steve Schoonover, and Sam Martin for making the train possible for the kids. Thank you to LQ Design for the beautiful signage and to Sweet Bean Photography for capturing it all in pictures (check them all out here).¬†We appreciate all of you for making this possible!!

Thank you to Mountain Air, A&B Dance, and the Waynesboro Children’s Theater Troupe for brightening a dreary day. Be sure to check out their upcoming performances, especially A&B’s upcoming performance of Cinderella in November and WCTT’s upcoming performance of the Little Mermaid in December!