“After my experience with the middle school just this year I would highly recommend sending any child to St. Andrew. The teachers here get to teach in an environment that allows the kids to learn. I have spoken to many of my daughters teachers at the middle school and they are great teachers, but they do not get to teach. They are mandated by the state with the PSSA testing. Although St. Andrew still has standardized testing it is not the focus. My kids have never felt pressure or any stress placed on them during the testing week. Not to mention how loving the staff is here.”

Denise Blake


“My daughter is in her 5th grade year at St. Andrew School. During the holidays she decided to finish a written report she has due in 2 weeks. She did so on her own, and it’s better than the reports my older (public school taught) children were turning in at a much older age. I am so pleased with her progress and motivation. Her desire to be self-reliant, and to be a help to others, are a direct result of the culture St. Andrew School provides.”

Denis Joyal


“My granddaughter has been attending since kindergarten, she is now in 2nd gr and loves it here. She is growing in her faith and her academics are the best. The teachers here are the best and she has loved each one. Between the school activities, she’s in Lego club, and all the creative assignments in her class, I know she will have the education and spiritual formation needed to go forward in life. I so grateful our school is adding 7th & 8th gr to its curriculum.”

Diane Hunter


“My son absolutely LOVES this school. He has attended since kindergarten and I hope his whole school career will be at St Andrews. As his mother , I love it as well. Great education while learning more about Jesus- what could be any better?! Where Wonderful faculty, wonderful students and wonderful parents come together to create a marvelous school. Good security in place to be sure our children are safe, clubs and programs available, bi weekly Mass. Our family is Christian and this fabulous school has helped my son learn and grow in faith, spirit , personality , behavior as well as his education. Waynesboro’s true gem. Highly recommend to anyone needing to make a school choice for their children.”

Amy Martin


“Upon high school graduation, I asked my son and daughter, who are now grown and have families, what teacher they liked the best and who had the biggest impact on their lives. Without hesitation, they each gave the name of two different teachers at Saint Andrew School. I asked my grandson, who is currently in college, the same question. He, too, answered with a teacher from Saint Andrew’s. My granddaughter now attends the same school, and I expect her answer to be the same when I ask that question years from now. It’s the caring and devoted teachers who give students such a good foundation and love of learning.

I am so glad that 31 years ago I overheard a parent saying all these great things about Saint Andrew School. Prior to checking out the school, I was somewhat hesitant, since I belong to a church of a different denomination. However, my children and my entire family were welcomed with loving open arms. Since then I have been extremely pleased with my journey and experiences there. In fact, I found myself missing the Saint Andrew’s ‘family’ when my children moved on to middle school.

As my grandchildren reached kindergarten age, I wondered if the school would still be the same. To my joy, I was not disappointed in the least. It was still the same caring family environment with the same high standard in education.   The school had also developed volunteering and other programs that I could participate in to help aid tuition cost. I attribute Saint Andrew’s with instilling values, the love of education, and knowledge of God that has stayed with them through their lives.

My granddaughter, currently in 3rd grade, says, “I love God. I love this school and never want to leave.” This to me is the most I can ever ask for.

Thank you, Saint Andrew School.”

Mrs. Shae Marvich


“We have been a part of St. Andrew School for 8 years now. Our two oldest children have graduated from here, and we currently have three children enrolled. Our children have benefited from high academic standards of the school and, most importantly for us, from the Catholic influence within the school environment. The teachers are able to get to know the students on a personal level due to the small size of the school. The kids in each class really grow up together and bond in a special way by the time they graduate. It definitely feels like a community here, with many wonderful adults looking out for our kids on a daily basis. Since my husband and I both work, we are able to take advantage of the Before and After Care program — this program offers us great flexibility to be able to drop them off and pick them up at convenient times. Another aspect I love with this school is that the kids are offered a number of extra-curricular activities such as the after school clubs, swimming lessons in 4th grade at the YMCA, and a wonderful art and music program at the school. The school even invites the Cumberland Valley School of Music to send instructors to teach private lessons during the school day if a family chooses to participate. We’ve definitely had a positive experience here and would encourage other families in the area to look into St. Andrew School as an option.”

Bridget Musolino


“I am happy to write a note of endorsement for the Saint Andrew School facility in Waynesboro, PA.  My son starts his second year of attendance at this school and I am most satisfied with all aspects of the school, its programs, and facilities.  I find the employees to all be most helpful, caring , and considerate, from the principal , to the teachers to the custodians.  I see all the employees of the school  active in monitoring and ensuring the students are all treated fairly.  I have seen the custodians help out in watching and looking over the students in after care program as well to ensure safety and protection of the students.  The curriculum seems  to be challenging and rewarding for the students.  The school has a safety patrol in the morning where the older students help to watch out for the safety of the younger students.  The teachers are excellent in communicating with the parents about school work and after school activities and projects as well.   The school also is very energetic relating to fund raisers, community projects, and progressive ideas.  I am most pleased to date with my selection of Saint Andrew School for my son’s education.”

David M. Girio